Colored Pencils To Be Renamed Pencils Of Color

Standing up for what is right is never easy, except for Brittney Smith!

WESTWOOD —  After attending her first lecture of Gender Studies 103: Knowledge, first-year undeclared major Brittney Smith took the first step towards enacting tangible change, by creating an online petition targeted at ending prejudices against millions of pencils of color.

“I just like, didn’t realize racism was still a thing, you know?” Smith said, whose petition has collected a total of 52 signatures after being circulated among her new sorority pledge class. “It’s all about grassroots community organizing, and my sisters are the best kind of allies. They even printed cute matching t-shirts saying, ‘The P in POC is for Pencils too!’”

Smith acknowledges her advocacy efforts may seem unrealistic, but she is confident that no effort is too small. Once Smith obtains her goal of 100 signatures, Smith plans to print out the petition, carry it to City Hall, and hand deliver it to the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

“And they said changing the world was like, hard,” said Smith. “But I just had to do something, you know? It’s sickening to see pencils reduced to an outdated word like, ‘colored’. Like, c’mon guys, we’re Gen Z, we’re above this!”

At press time, Smith was seen calling her parents to impress them with all the social justice advocacy she had done. “Next, I should like, run for USAC President or something!”