Child of Divorce Gets All The Cool Shit, Peers Say

Divorced parents often turn into polygonal shapes before their children's eyes.
Divorced parents often turn into polygonal shapes before their children’s eyes.

CLEVELAND, OHCiting his endless supply of expensive gifts including long distance RC helicopters and a mini TV, peers of Anthony Morega, a second grader at Cleveland Central Elementary school, state unequivocally that their classmate “gets all the cool shit.” “I mean, come on,” Daniel Rodriguez, Morega’s table mate said at recess today. “Ever since Anthony’s parents got divorced, his parents have been buying him hella rad shiz every day to get him to like them more. What a lucky guy.” Morega, who stays with his mother on weekdays and only sees his father on the weekends, is reported by Rodriguez as unappreciative of his good fortune. “Anthony doesn’t even want ride his new racing bike to school, instead he calls his dad everyday to see if he’ll drive him,” Rodriguez said, rolling his eyes. After recess, Anthony could be seen asking his teacher if it was possible to trade his Nintendo 3DS for his father.

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