CEC Pledges To Figure Out How To Properly Distribute Tickets By 2020

WESTWOOD — In a statement released by the UCLA Campus Events Commission (CEC), the office’s Commissioner recognized the failure of the organization to properly distribute tickets to the annual music event Bruin Bash since its inception in 2003, and pledged that by 2020 the process will be finally streamlined and efficient. “We really couldn’t have predicted that thousands of students attempting to get tickets at the same instant would have crashed a dated ticketing website,” read the statement, adding that students should really be grateful for the free concert that they are billed $1.40 a quarter for. “At least this year we didn’t have to call EMS,” referencing previous years in which students were trampled over one another and suffered heat exhaustion after waiting in line for hours on the IM field in ninety-degree weather. At press time, CEC was already brainstorming ideas for next year, such as passing out tickets in alphabetical order or by height.