Bruins For Israel Pretty Quiet This Week

WESTWOOD — UCLA students noted that the campus group Bruins For Israel has been pretty quiet this week following the killing of more than 60 Palestinian protesters by Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers. “I usually see them all out there having a blast on BruinWalk, wearing their club T-shirts and cheerfully engaging with students about their advocacy for strengthening our country’s relationship with the state of Israel,” said second-year political science major Bruce Finnigan, further observing that the group’s members were noticeably less eager to demonstrate ‘what a zionist looks like’ to their peers. “Instead of tables, balloons, and flyers touting how the IDF is the most moral army in the world, they seem to just be going about their days. I haven’t even seen a single person drape an Israeli flag over themselves this week. I wonder what’s got them so down; was Israel attacked or something? I hope they’re okay.” Members of Bruins For Israel took to Facebook later in the day, however, to condemn Students For Justice in Palestine for being “terrorist sympathizers” following their BruinWalk Porto’s sale to raise awareness about the human toll of the regional conflict.

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