Bruin Democrats Release Diss Track Denouncing Kanye West

WESTWOOD — Following Kanye West’s reiteration of his support for President Donald Trump on Twitter this week, Bruin Democrats at UCLA swiftly denounced the rapper’s political views by releasing a diss track against him. “Sorry Yeezy but rolling with Trump draws our ire. You better look out cuz’ these progressives spit hot fire,” rapped the club’s president Richard MacDonald. The track, titled ‘God Dreamers’, is currently available for download on Soundcloud and already been listened to over eleven times. “While your boy’s in office blowin’ up nuclear deals, we’re on the streets upholding liberal ideals,” said MacDonald, a Manhattan Beach native. While the track has received mixed reviews from students upon its initial release, Bruin Democrats unanimously agreed that the track was “dope.”