Bruin Democrats Add Santa Claus To List Of White Supremacists

WESTWOOD — In a club meeting this week, Bruin Democrats at UCLA unanimously agreed to add another name to their list of white supremacists: Santa Claus. “It seemed like the only moral thing to do,” stated Kaitlynn Miller, president of the club. “Santa targets the poor, giving them much worse presents than the wealthy, which reaffirms their pre-existing privilege and contributes to a system that undermines those who are actually in need. Don’t even get me started on his blatant hatred of the Jews, refusing to visit their houses at all.” The Bruin Democrats never back down to bigots, no matter how beloved those bigots are. In response to their controversial claim, the club released a memo stating that they are “tolerant of all perspectives on Santa Claus, but if you happen to disagree with us, it would be best if you accept that you are part of the problem.”

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