Breaking: Netflix To Release New Original Series Set in the Eighties


LOS ANGELES — Popular streaming program Netflix has announced its new original project set in the Eighties. Showrunners Joseph and Joe Reiner expressed their excitement for their totally new concept: “It taps into both the manufactured nostalgia of millennial culture for a time period they remember mostly through John Hughes movies and the boomer market by providing them a break from the existential crisis of looming mortality by ensconcing them in the fake veneer of their former youth.” The show has also been lauded for its efforts casting diversity. “We weren’t sure whether or not it would be too controversial or not, but one of the main characters in the primary cast of 17 is Asian,” commented Joseph Reiner. “We got some pushback on that one because most people don’t remember that Asians existed in the 80s, but we felt that it was important to be inclusive.” Netflix later revealed that the central leads would be played by both Timothée Chalamet and Finn Wolfhard in an “Olsen Twin Full House” situation.