Boelter Hall Plaza To Be Turned Into Rainforest Cafe

WESTWOOD — After years of appearing only vaguely wild and jungle-like, the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering will finally be building a Rainforest Cafe in the center of Boelter Hall. “With our dim yellow mood lighting and green canopy-toned stairways, the Rainforest Cafe fits in perfectly” said Dr. Matheson, who redesigned her Electrical Engineering 100 class to include animatronic jaguar wiring. “We can definitely make a profit since we have the perfect qualities for a Rainforest Cafe: a suspicious amount of trees and dirt in the middle of a building, a sense of adventure with our confusing room numbering, and a student body so secluded they have forgotten what nature looks like.” The Samueli School reported that the revenue will be used to provide a deodorant vending machine accessible to all students.