Body Positivity! This 8th Grader Drew Boobs On His Chem Textbook

Despite major strides made by #FreeTheNipple and other gender equality campaigns, the female body is still constantly viewed as a sexual object. Though male and female nipples are anatomically identical, men are free to walk around shirtless while mothers are often shamed just for breastfeeding in public.

Luckily, one young feminist is using art to protest the stigma surrounding the female body. Michael Alvarado, an 8th grader from Sepulveda Middle School, has savagely dragged the patriarchy by drawing boobs all over his chemistry textbook. Woke!

In addition to drawing them in his own textbook, Michael has been spreading his message of body positivity by drawing boobs on his friends’ notebooks, report cards, and any important papers they need to get signed by their parents. He refuses to stop – even when his teachers have threatened to give him detention. Yaaass Michael, clap back!

In a society dependent on the stigmatization of women’s bodies, Michael’s activism is a powerful statement of solidarity and equality. Keep changing the world with your art, Michael!

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