Billionaire Casually Takes Snickers From Hotel Room Mini Bar

Sources indicate that the businessman opened a bottle of Fiji as well.

LAS VEGAS—Exhibiting utter disregard for the exorbitantly inflated price tag, billionaire media magnate Emil Donovan casually took a Snickers from the fully-stocked minibar of his Bellagio penthouse suite Friday afternoon. “You want one too?” offered Donovan, indifferently picking up a second unreasonably marked-up candy bar from the weight sensors before reporters even had the chance to respond. “Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all champagne and caviar for us rich folk. Just like our less fortunate counterparts, we too can appreciate the simple delectability of washing down a measly $12 candy bar with a paltry $15 bottle of Fiji water.” The pricey confection sated Donovan’s appetite until supper time when the wealthy mogul allowed his immense affluence to drown out any reservations that the money he was paying for a single 8 oz. piece of room service steak might be better utilized purchasing a herd of cows.

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