Bel-Air Property Auction Gets Heated Over Having Best View Of College Town

BEL-AIR — In the process of brokering a deal worthy of its property value, a Bel-Air home auction recently got heated over having the best view of the quaint college town of Westwood. “Living here means I won’t ever have to worry about being away from the source of youth: the newest bouncer at Rocco’s, “Rizz,” the latest celebrity that enters the In-n-Out,” says 65-year-old Richard Steinbender, whose ideal home must have a convenient view of both Royce Hall and Engineering 4. “I’ll use my granddaughter’s college fund to outbid every one of you suckers — I need this view of the undie run and the midnight scream.” At press time, Steinbender was seen calling the cops on a party at 10 p.m.