Barney’s Beanery Begins Weekly Mahjong Night

WESTWOOD — Citing the success of recurring weekly events like “Karaoke Night” and “Trivia Night,” the management of Barney’s Beanery announced last Monday that the local bar will now be holding “Mahjong Night” every Friday.

“What better way to unwind from the workweek than to order a Long Island and play a traditional Chinese tile game with your chums?” said manager Craig Calhoun. “Our deep-fried macaroni and cheese wedges pair nicely with this abstract strategy game!”

Calhoun believes mahjong, first developed during the Qing dynasty, will appeal to a mostly-collegiate clientele and help further Barney’s reputation as Westwood’s premier bar experience. The programming decision is also intended to draw in new patrons to the establishment.

“Our residents are going to love this,” explained Linda Chen, director of the Pacific Heights Assisted Living Facility. “So I can just drop them all off in the van, head over to Rocco’s, and pick them up three hours later?”

“You’ll watch over them? Is that a yes? Oh god, please say yes.”

At press time, Barney’s confirmed that their highly-anticipated “Mahjong Night” will promptly begin at 4:30pm.

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