Area White Woman Would Totally Date Nonwhite Guy, Just Never Had The Opportunity

LOS ANGELES — Area white woman Tracy Jefferson is completely open to dating a nonwhite man, but has never had the opportunity. “I mean, yes, all of my boyfriends have been white. But it’s not, like, because I only date white guys. I just never happen to meet any available, attractive, interesting nonwhite men,” said Jefferson, who lives in an area which is over fifty percent nonwhite. “I’m not a racist,” Jefferson said, while swiping left on six nonwhite men in a row. “I just haven’t met a nonwhite guy who I really connect to on a romantic level. Why is love so hard in the modern era?” At press time, Jefferson was telling her friends that she couldn’t be a racist, because she thought Idris Elba was totally hot.

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