Area Man Delays Job Search To Start Up Sad Little Webseries

Hunts uses his pen to write down mediocre ideas.

LOS ANGELES–Twenty-three year old Sam Hunts announced via Facebook post Saturday afternoon that he plans to start up a pathetic web series.

“Hey everyone, I wanted to say that the stars have been aligning for me, and I will be putting my BFA to good use with an upcoming web series,” wrote Hunts. “I will be devoting all my time, energy, and resources to this exciting new project, which means I will no longer have time to work on new cover letters or edit my existing drafts.”

Hunts has been taking several steps to make this uncomfortable venture a reality, including paying the $12 fee to post a casting call on the popular acting website Backstage, and asking his parents if his Uncle Rob “still knows the PA for Entourage.”

“I’m thinking that in a few months, I’ll easily have enough revenue from YouTube views alone to pay for rent and have some fun,” said a clearly-deluded Hunts. “Why join the rat race when you can put in a little elbow grease and come out on top?”

At press time, Hunts was writing on Tumblr that if Kevin Smith could film Clerks on a micro-budget, he, too, could rise to success using only a 2005 camcorder and a script he spent half a day working on.

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