Area Man Convinced He Was ‘Spotted On Bruin Walk’

Despite claims to being the subject of a number of posts, UCLA student Bryce Fletcher admits to never having “spotted” anyone himself.

WESTWOOD — Scrolling desperately through the latest submissions on popular missed connection site Spotted on Bruin Walk Sunday, 3rd year UCLA Computer Science major and longtime single person Bryce Fletcher successfully convinced himself that he was the subject of a #girlspottedguy submission.

“I am Spicy Latino Powell Adonis,” Fletcher stated with utter certainty, noting that he and the described dreamboat shared a striking number of common traits such as “eyes”, “hair”, and a “backpack”.

Fletcher’s alleged missed connection reported ogling Powell Adonis’ “chiseled caramel physique strut majestically through the book stacks.”  Fletcher confirmed: “I’ve walked through there before.”

When asked about the author’s desire to be “held strongly in those beefy brown arms like the door you held open for me”, Fletcher replied, “I’ve opened doors. That’s definitely something I could do.”

Fletcher admitted to reporters that this is not the first time he has been spotted on Bruin Walk and that he has garnered attention from men and women alike throughout his UCLA career.  “I’m a regular on these boards. You can find posts about me under a variety of different tags, as well as under a variety of different names.” According to Fletcher, he has also been sought after under the aliases “Liwei in Theta Chi”, “Rupert Grint look-a-like”, and “Spunky Zumba Chick”.

As of press time, there have been no responses to comments left by Fletcher under any of the missed connections he claims to have inspired.

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