Area Father Just Swinging By To See What’s Up

WESTWOOD—Curious about his child’s day, local father Hugh Lewis swung by his room to see what’s up. “Hey, just got back from work, so what’s up?” said Lewis, leaning against the door jam, smiling broadly. “What’s shakin’ bacon? How’s it going? What’s what? How’s it hangin’? What’s new? What’s happenin’? What’s the 411’? What’s the scoop? Let’s dish. What’s poppin’? Anything cookin’? Watcha doin’? Who’s she? Is she your girlfriend? Boyfriend? How’s school? Wow! Thinkin’ about a job? Any problems? Want to know what I think? We’ll talk later, okay? Okay.” Lewis plans to invite his child out to lunch this weekend so they can engage in a one-sided conversation about how important it is to make the most of one’s teenage years.

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