Arby’s Always An Option, Reports Area Dad

BAKERSFIELD — Glancing at the “Food: Exit 25” sign on the side of CA State Route 99, area father and Carlson family patriarch Neal Carlson reminded his despondent family that Arby’s is always an option for a quick lunch stop. “You guys hungry? Arby’s is always an option. Hey David, you like their roast beef sandwiches! And they have salads for your mother,” said Mr. Carlson, strategically building his case for a visit to Arby’s while neglecting to acknowledge potential counter-arguments in favor of Applebee’s, Chili’s, or a Subway attached to a Shell gas station and disregarding the will of his family. “Come on, it will be super quick and it seems like our best option. Arby’s would be a nice treat after a long day on the road.” Mr. Carlson’s family ultimately agreed to go to Arby’s, citing that they kind of had to pee and a restroom is a restroom.

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