Almost Getting Trampled, And Other UCLA Student Activities You Must Do Before Graduating

With a hustlin’ and bustlin’ campus filled with over 30,000 undergraduate students, it can be hard to keep track of all UCLA has to offer, from its cherished traditions to constant lively performances. We here at the Enabler value the UCLA student experience more than anything and want to offer our readers our complete list of UCLA student activities to do before your graduate:

1. Almost Getting Trampled in Line for Men’s Basketball

Last Friday, thousands of students lined up for hours in anticipation of the UCLA vs. Villanova game. While many were turned away from a packed Pauley, all of the students had the privilege of checking off an even more essential UCLA tradition: almost getting trampled! Although some students claim they would have preferred feeling “safe” and “not fearing for their lives,” they must be forgetting UCLA is a PAC-12 school! Without frantic rushing and pushing, March Madness would just become March!

2. Almost Getting Trampled in Line for Bruin Bash

Not a sports fan? Don’t fret! With amazing headliners like Cupcakke and RicoNasty, excitement in line for Bruin Bash is high and fear of death is even higher! Waiting to get into Pauley amidst a unruly crowd may remind you of when you read Lord of the Flies in 10th grade Honors English and make you regret ignoring your parents’ last Facetime call, but all those thoughts disappear once Masego starts playing his smooth saxophone or Cupcakke starts singing about her neck and her back, amongst other things.

3. Almost Getting Trampled during the Undie Run

And of course, for those who want to almost get trampled while also feeling incredibly vulnerable and insecure, there’s the Undie Run! The Undie Run occurs the Wednesday of finals week every quarter, which means you can be Naked and Afraid up to 12 times throughout your college career. No wonder UCLA is considered a best value school!

4. Questioning How the #1 Public University Doesn’t Have Better Crowd Control Regulations

This one’s optional!

5. The 8 clap!

The 8 clap is one of UCLA oldest and most cherished traditions, dating all the way back to 1948. When you clap your hands together and chant, you’re doing so alongside generations of Bruins all around the world. Plus, clapping kinda sounds like the sweet, sweet sound of a stampede approaching you from all sides.

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