Alex Jones Announces “InfoWars: On Ice!”

NEW YORK — Well-known performance artist Alex Jones announced today that he will be taking his conspiracy peddling radio show to Madison Square Garden with “InfoWars: On Ice!” “I don’t like to brag, but I’m probably the most graceful skater you’ve ever seen,” said Jones, who claims that he landed his first triple axel at age twelve. While Jones hopes to get the show started quickly, he may have trouble financing the production which calls for over three tons of pyrotechnics and 2,500 “gay” frogs. The entertainer downplayed the financial concerns by saying “there is nothing that Soros and the globalists can do to keep [Jones] from exposing the truth or nailing a quadruple Lutz in front of 20,000 people.” At press time Jones was seen screaming at Madison Square Garden officials about fluoride levels in the water used to fill the rink.