A Win For Diversity! This White Latina Thinks She Is A POC Because Her Parents Can Make Empanadas

WESTWOOD — Third-year white Latinx student Layla Rodriguez barged into a conversation about racism to share her experience growing up as a person of color in America given her family’s cooking abilities. “People always made fun of me for bringing empanadas and arepas to la escuela,” said Rodriguez, who actually uses the word ‘vosotros.’ “People claim I don’t actually entiendo how hard it is moving through el mundo as a person of color, just because I’m pale and white-passing in the winter, summer, fall and spring. They even refused to platform me on a panel on the immigrant experience even though I came all the way from Newport Beach to LA.” At press time, Rodriguez was using emojis three shades darker than her actual skin tone to complain online about how her 23andme results came back as 80% European.