A Recap of Spring Sing

Did you miss Spring Sing? Not a big deal! The Westwood Enabler has got you covered. Here’s a brief recap of Spring Sing:

  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon performed covers of Confederate battle hymns.

  • The chancellor debuted his very own metal group, “Gene Block and the Blockheads”, not to be confused with his older smooth jazz group, “The Genies”, or his solo hip hop act, “G-nee From the Block.”

  • You found out you’re adopted.

  • Roger Daltrey was asked to be the annual Spring Sing sacrifice, and he refused. Now we can’t be sure we’ll have a bountiful harvest. Way to go, Roger.

  • The Who actually performed following their speech.

  • The Rapture. If you’re reading this on Earth…better luck next time?

  • Six creepy dudes messaged winner of Spring Sing on Facebook.