A Guide To Picking The Perfect Halloween Costume

(Credit: publicdomainpictures.net)

Have you googled “easy halloween costume ideas” for the tenth time today? Are you considering staying home just to avoid coming up with a “cool” costume? Then this is the guide for you!

  • Steer clear of shitty ghost costumes that bear a resemblance to certain white nationalist apparel.
  • Pick your favorite minor character from a TV show no one cares about anymore.
  • Dress up as an anime character so no one will invite you out. You’ll have the night free to do whatever you want!
  • Be everything without being anything. Dress up in random attire and when someone asks you what you are, tell them to guess and affirm whatever they say.
  • Thing 1. Or Thing 2. Isn’t the freedom to choose exciting?
  • If your dad thinks its funny—CHANGE.
  • Pick something cool so that no one judges you.
  • Pick something that can easily be transitioned into everyday wear, in case anyone judges you.
  • Think about which culture has been underrepresented in the media lately. Then appropriate it.
  • Wear whatever your roommate wore last year.