5’8” Men Now Listing “One Tom Holland” As Height On Tinder

LOS ANGELES — Following the release of “Spiderman: No Way Home,” data scientists at Tinder report that men who are 5’8” are now changing their profiles to list their height as “One Tom Holland.” “Tom Holland’s role as Spiderman and relationship with Zendaya is the best representation we short kings have had since Ant Man,” said Steven Hastings, whose driver’s license lists him as a generous 5’10”. “Although I’m stoked about all this attention, I haven’t actually met any of my matches in person yet — with great power, comes great responsibility, you know?” Upon further investigation, Tinder’s research department informed the Enabler that many women unmatched with Hastings after discovering his height converts to only 0.9714 Zendayas.

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