5 Effortless Halloween Costumes That Are Quirky, Sexy, Aesthetic, Funny, Cool, Hot, Goofy, Fun, and Chill

We know how much pressure coming up with a good costume for Halloween is. This spooky season, we at the Westwood Enabler have the quirkiest, sexiest, and coolest suggestions for you!

1. Sexy Cardboard Box

This eco-friendly costume will definitely be the talk of the party—reuse your Amazon boxes! It’s anti-capitalist too (this is the closest you can get to actually wearing Bezos’ skin).

2. Sunburn

Nothing says sexy like an all-red outfit with heavy blush. Make sure to peel a little bit of your outfit off every two hours.

3. Lost Hydroflask

What’s better than coming to a party in a costume? Not coming to the party. Because you’re lost. Pros: adds mystery and allure to your presence! Cons: you still haven’t found your bottle.

4. Drunk Cigarette

An all-white costume with a black top hat that is on fire all night! Make sure you’re drunk the whole night for accuracy. Bonus points if you actually smoke a drunk cigarette at the party (say no to smoking!).

5. Mirror

Wear whatever you want, but you have to imitate everyone you see throughout the night in a cool, sexy, hot way.