Cultured Man Likes Shakespeare On Facebook

The dead author's Facebook page has over 16 million likes.
The dead author’s Facebook page has over 16 million likes.

WESTWOOD—Local cultural elite Arthur Chesterfield was reported to have liked William Shakespeare’s page on Facebook earlier today. “I just really think the English canon would be completely hollow without his contribution, and that’s why I felt that liking a long dead author on Facebook was a good way to keep his memory alive,” Chesterfield said while puffing on an antique tobacco pipe. Chesterfield also hoped that his like would spark a chain reaction amongst his friends, most of whom “probably have never even plumbed the proto-existential angst that drips from the pages of Hamlet.” Most of his friends remained unaware of his like, having unfollowed him after his seventh tweed coat selfie. After the interview, Chesterfield could be seen preparing a Latin poem recitation for a gathering of local intelligentsia.

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