3 Signs the Girl Who Liked Your Post in the Class GroupMe Is in Love With You

You have been looking for some romance, but never thought you might find it in your chemistry group chat with 589 people. After replying to the question “Is the hw due tmrw night?” with a casual but self-assured “ya,” you find an inconspicuous heart dubbed upon it. Here are three signs the girl who left it there is in love with you:

1. She placed the heart within a minute of you posting. Everyone knows that liking a message within such a short amount of time signifies one thing: love. Only someone who thinks you’re both very cool and well-informed would want to send this signal.

2. You have so much in common. With 3 shared group chats (one current class, one class from last quarter, and one club you dropped out of), this girl must feel inexplicably drawn to you. Additionally, while searching her up on every social media site, you find that two of your acquaintances are following her Instagram. Unfortunately, this Instagram is private, so there go your plans for tonight.

3. She is cute and you like her. You have seen her in a few Zoom calls and have found both her eyes and her laugh to be alluring. She probably feels the same way despite the fact that your camera and microphone have been off.

If any of the previous three conditions are met, it is almost certain that this girl liked your post because she has fallen head-over-heels for you. DM her as soon as possible, and let the real chemistry begin.

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