7 Reasons To Stop Bitching About The Rain

I get it. You’re a spoiled Californian who has never experienced “seasons” or the minor inconvenience known as rain. Well, quit your whining. I happen to LOVE the rain, and here are some reasons why you should pull your head out of your ass and appreciate it too.

1. That lecture that I wasn’t going to go to anyway? I can now skip it guilt-free. No one can blame me for not going when every step between me and class is like wading through a swamp.

2. People can’t tell if the damp spots on my shirt are due to sweat from the physical exertion of climbing the steps to Powell (embarrassing) or from the pouring rain (acceptable).

4. People are, during this rare event, socially allowed to take off their shoes under the guise of wet, uncomfortable feet. And man, I personally LOVE the smell of 200 humid feet in a lecture hall.

5. I am, during this rare event, socially allowed to take MY shoes off, exposing my little piggies to fresh, crisp air for the first time since they were ruled a violation of Title IX in 2004.

6. I am legally not allowed to disclose what the light sprinkle on my face that I highly enjoy reminds me of, but draw your own conclusions.

7. And the rain is good for the drought, I guess, but that’s more an afterthought. What can I say? I’m an environmentalist.