Martial Arts Club Member Fires Energy Blast

UCLA student Dylan Thomas unleashes a fiery energy blast.

WESTWOOD—Second Year Dylan Thomas, member of UCLA’s Fighting Foot martial arts club, shocked and amazed fellow club members by unleashing an energy blast from his hands during routine warm-ups yesterday.

“In Kung-Fu, we train by visualizing a metaphorical life force called Chi that flows through our bodies, and imagine manipulating it like water with various stances,” said Thomas, getting up to demonstrate before other members of the club gently dissuaded him. “Shows like Dragon Ball and the You You Haku-Show run off the idea that particularly strong martial artists can actually fire their chi as a blast of light. I’d thought it was all just a playful exaggeration, until now.”

Long thought to be just a product of Dragon Ball author Akira Toriyama’s imagination, Thomas’s “chi blast” is the first to be recorded in western history.

Despite concerns of police officials, the only property damaged by Thomas’s unintended blast was a small tree, which was reduced to a smoking stump. Club officers have had success helping Thomas repeat the feat, this time in a carefully selected open area.

“Dylan is not alone among our disciples who cite anime as an inspiration to join martial arts.,” said Fighting Foot president Shoubu Gordon. “With this new discovery, we hope many more will be inspired to join hands with us in camaraderie, wielding the power that some call the ‘death light.’”

At press time, Thomas’s accomplishment is being analyzed by his fellow martial artists, who are seeking to add the technique to their repertoire. He is also a subject of interest of biology and physics students, who are wishing to be the first to canonize chi manipulation in a new field of study.

“Truly, there is no more refined or more honorable way to blow things to smithereens,” said one of the fighters studying the move.

Chancellor Gene Block has hailed Thomas’s chi blast as one more breakthrough achieved on the grounds of UCLA, saying “Dylan has once again proved us to be at the forefront of education and discovery.”

In recent reports, Japanese international students have said they are unimpressed.