Lebron James One-Man Show To Open Off-Broadway After NBA Finals

MANHATTAN, NY— After several months of uncertainty, an opening date for LeBron James’s one-man show, Kingy Boots, has finally been announced. “Based on the state of the series against the Warriors so far, I decided to book the theater space for an opening on June 22,” said James, reiterating that despite the show his focus was still on the Finals and dragging his team to at least one win in the series so as to avoid a sweep. “I’d thought about it a lot over the course of the season, and after averaging nearly a triple double in the playoffs, along with scoring 51 points in Game 1 of the Finals, I figured it was time to display my talent as a one-man show under a different spotlight, somewhere off the court, once this is all over.” New details emerged at press time that while James had written the entirety of the show after his sixth 40-point game in this postseason, he had recently edited the script, adding in an interpretive dance sequence depicting JR Smith’s Game 1 blunder, with several reprisals throughout the performance.